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Month October 2017

Roger Rudenstein’s Ulysses Plans To Grace UK Audiences

  American Composer Roger Rudenstein is planning to take his operatic version of James Joyce’ Ulysses, and he isn’t holding back on the X-rated factor. Roger Rudenstein, a well- respected American writer and composer of operatic and grand musical pieces… Continue Reading →

Feline And Strange Set To Release New Album ‘OUT’

Steam-punkers, ‘Feline and strange’ are set to release their upcoming album ‘OUT’. This latest instalment from this weird and wonderful duo has a powerful and rich story behind its creation. While the backstory of Feline and Strange is unique and… Continue Reading →

NejLas Is Here To Shake Things Up For The Better

  Getting home from work or school, making your way through the house to finally enter your room. You may relax, or crash on the bed, you may get ready to go out, but one thing I can guarantee, is… Continue Reading →

Play air harmonica along to The NaveBlues

Norwegian 4 piece The NaveBlues are bringing a new and exciting edge to blues. Nave Pundik, lead singer and harmonica player has a harmonica tone like you’ve never heard, like hearing a harmonica put through Jimi Hendrix’s pedal board, its… Continue Reading →

Homerik… more like HOMEROCK!

It’s not every day a band writes about Ancient Egyption curses is it? Well prepare yourself for ‘Homerik’ and their debut self titled album.   The New York trio; Ken Candelas (The Mad Composer), Andrew Petriske (The Daemon), and Obed… Continue Reading →

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