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Month December 2017

JohnLikeJohn’s Crazy And Kooky Reputation Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

  JohnLikeJohn has made us all aware of his strange eccentric style, with music videos, soft folk songs and live performances that are like no other. Now with the recently released ‘Vegans Are Evil Too’ EP, audiences can learn so… Continue Reading →

Eztain’s Starting The New Year With Brand Album ‘Iconoclast (VIP)’

  Australian born and bred DJ/producer Eztain, has been hard at work working on a even better carnation of the ‘Iconoclast’ EP. Due to a brief time in hospital, Eztain aka Jake Colson decided at that time to release the… Continue Reading →

Anarchy Reigns – Heavy Metal or Light Entertainment?

Though metal fans are a loyal breed, the bands themselves do rather seem to come along in waves – their longevity may outlast that of pretty much any genre, but their emergence is extremely haphazard. Who was the last BIG… Continue Reading →

Broken Islands Will Challenge Everything You Know About The Post-Rock World

With a taste for everything that is pop, post-rock and indie, Broken Islands are mixing all the best parts of every genre and we are in love with it! The modern world is more than ready for this fusion that… Continue Reading →

NaveBlues: Bringing Blues Back

NaveBlues, Norwegian singer has debuted his new album, ‘NaveBlues’. ‘Ghost Collector’ his new video, features him playing the harmonica, conjuring up sounds that will cause your spine to twist and your brain to pop! Nave wants to bring back the… Continue Reading →

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