Being labelled ‘The Biggest Unsigned Band’ isn’t exactly the label every band would want in the day and age, but when you are playing to crowds bigger than Adele’s, surely they are doing something right!

This fantastic compilation of tracks derives from the minds of three talented musicians; Rob, Adam and Peter, who make up the band that is Chasing Deer. Additionally, it’s hard to pin down what exact genre this band are. They may label themselves as ‘Pop’ but the elements of indie, and what can only be described as ‘Muse-like’ comparisons, make it very original.

The simplicity of the album cover almost completely contrasts from the complexity of their tracks, but this is an excellent way of hiding away all the excellence of this album, until it is listened to in full.

What does is sound like?

There are a lot of elements in most tracks which emit tonal comparisons of Arctic Monkeys (pre-2015/or when they were good if you want to call it that…). The guitars are very well mixed within the tracks, and overall the album has a fantastic fluidity to it, that doesn’t drop it consistency at anytime throughout, making it an excellent album to play on a long car journey!

Of course it is easy to sit and compare them to other existing bands, but what should really be focused on is the fact that they are incredibly talented musicians, with the idea of expressing their passions and stories through music which all can enjoy.

It is difficult to been even the slightest bit negative about this album, and there is no doubt that with the slightest bit of promotion, this will be an absolute hit.

The album will be released on Friday 30th November 2018, with an early physical release on 22nd November at their Album Launch Show, taking place at Bush Hall. This will will see them perform a fully BSL accessible show, with an interpreted performance on stage. Audience members will be able to get their hands on the CD a whole week before general release, in addition to copies of a very limited vinyl release!

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