Movment is Regenerating the Punk Era From Behind A Mask


Movment is rising back into the scene with their second album Transformation, they have released just a snippet of it with their EP We All Must Go. 

Remaining ambiguous the duo has trademarked their white masks, their act revolves around performativity and connecting the consciousness to the lyrics. The ambiguity is felt throughout We All Must Go as it speaks on the journey of life, how we all have the same fate but follow paths of where no one knows the end. The pair are not only creating rock music but regenerating punk, as well as having elements of grunge that create the grit felt in We All Must Go.

“We All Must Go is a song with a simple message – we are all eventually going to leave this life. But it not particularly negative, it is about embracing the light. It’s an inquest into the journey to the big black river that awaits us, where it’s going, nobody knows…”

The band wants to show their perception of the world, but also wants to invite their audience to do the same, to speak up for what they believe in. From the guitar riffs to the electronic synths along with the angered vocals they can be placed into the neo-dirt punk genre, conveying rebellion through their lyrics to question the agendas of the 21st-century. 

We All Must Go follows on from the two acclaimed singles Propaganda and Leave Me Alone, both of which have caught international attention from Brazil to South Africa and beyond. Both of the singles have beckoned the arrival of We All Must Go and the album Transformation. Movment is pushing the voice of millennials and anyone who questions 21st-century agendas to the forefront, making them extremely thought-provoking.

You can experience the album on all platforms on 2/12/21.

Check Out Movment below: