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Rock Werchter shapes up for its biggest year – Liam Gallagher, Placebo, Disclosure and more just added. ROCK WERCHTER SHAPES UP FOR ITS MOST IMPRESSIVE YEAR YET PEARL JAM, THE STROKES, KENDRICK LAMAR, SYSTEM OF A DOWN TWENTY ONE PILOTS,… Continue Reading →

Eddy Lee Ryder Gets Intense On Silver Chain

From the deep, dark depths of New York City comes songwriter Eddy Lee Ryder, an artist always ready to grab your attention. A perfect throwback to the 70’s music culture, Ryder channels the likes of Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush and… Continue Reading →


ONE NIGHT ONLY: CRUEL – GET TICKETS NOW! The one night only show coming to The Troxy in London on the 22nd of October is not to be missed by any one who can appreciate a rock show, or… Continue Reading →

The ‘Bridge of Sighs’ Bluesman Robin Trower Unleashes New Song ‘Diving Bell’

The blues legend himself, Robin Trower, shows no sign of slowing down. Now in his eighth decade, Robin is still trailblazing creativity with his forthcoming album ‘Coming Closer to The Day’ set to be released on 22nd March and preceded by its lead track ‘Diving Bell’.  Robin’s back… Continue Reading →

90’s rock and psychedelic sounds, Keemosabe’s forthcoming EP is one that spans genres

From playing in small clubs in their little city on Lake Maggiore, to legendary venues and festivals of big city centres like New York, Milan and London, modern pop/rock band Keemosabe present a sound that is accessible to lovers of energetic grooves, powerful riffs and… Continue Reading →

New release: Mark Shepherd’s mellow rock song ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’ – a song of time passing by and our role in life

The dark heart of UK Americana Mark Shepherd has released The Grand Scheme of Things – a track filled with mellow acoustic instrumentals, rustic rock vocals and lyrical depth that delves into the existential phenomenon of life. With elements of the strong solo work… Continue Reading →

The Italian Alternative-Rock band Bright Garden’s newest album release ‘Lost Signs’ recreates rock horizons by virtue of a marked originality

The alternative-rock band that combine generational traits such as the urgency of prime 70’s UK punk and 90’s fuzz guitar attack formation with vocals that offer endearing twisted vowels and consonants are back with their new album release ‘Lost Signs’…. Continue Reading →

Meet Your New Favourite Folk-Punk Artist: Jay Thackery

Feeling angsty yet sensitive? Need to look else where to get you punk-folk fix after you released that Frank Turner stopped releasing decent music and became kind of a knob? Well look no further because we’ve found just the guy… Continue Reading →

Quitters May Be Their Own Worst Enemy But They’re Certainly Not Ours

French punk-rock band Quitters release new single ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ ahead of the release of their second EP Singing Like Nobody’s Listening in January 2019. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is an upbeat and positive offering. The message is one of empowerment and Quitters note that… Continue Reading →

Welsh Newcomers ‘Al Moses’ Preview New Debut Single And I Want More!

Al Moses are an incendiary new band made up of four nineteen-year-old friends from the South Wales valleys, who take on rock and roll history and stamp it with their personalities and the youthful ambition to be heard beyond their… Continue Reading →

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