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The ‘Bridge of Sighs’ Bluesman Robin Trower Unleashes New Song ‘Diving Bell’

The blues legend himself, Robin Trower, shows no sign of slowing down. Now in his eighth decade, Robin is still trailblazing creativity with his forthcoming album ‘Coming Closer to The Day’ set to be released on 22nd March and preceded by its lead track ‘Diving Bell’.  Robin’s back… Continue Reading →

NaveBlues: Bringing Blues Back

NaveBlues, Norwegian singer has debuted his new album, ‘NaveBlues’. ‘Ghost Collector’ his new video, features him playing the harmonica, conjuring up sounds that will cause your spine to twist and your brain to pop! Nave wants to bring back the… Continue Reading →

Listen here: Links: Website: http://coffeepotdrive.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoffeePotDrive Twitter:  https://twitter.com/CoffeePotDrive Soundcloud:

Rock’n’Roll Star Si Cranstoun Releases New Album ‘Modern Life’

  Si Cranstoun has burst onto the Rock’n’Roll scene recently and is now ready to release his new album ‘Modern Life’. Si has been getting the nation jigging with his soulful, vintage-pop  music, from the streets up! Si has spent a… Continue Reading →

Rising stars Row Z get set for ‘Green Penny’ EP

Much anticipated 3 track release out through GHOSTNOTE Records, June 9th Tapping into the recent boom in British funk music, Row Z are a Liverpool based five piece with a taste for moody blues. Their new EP, ‘Green Penny’  is… Continue Reading →

Guitar Sensation ‘Daryl Kellie’ to Release New Album ‘Wintersong’

To find your first guitar at the young age of eleven in the attic of your parent’s new house is a lucky find, but for Daryl Kellie, it can only be described as fate. Self taught for most of his… Continue Reading →

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