Single Review: She’s A Stomper – City Weezle

Prog, Rock

Sometimes simplicity must be granted precedent over innovation. For modern prog-rock pioneers City Weezle, who have spent the best part of their career crafting some of this century’s most outrageously outlandish music, taking a break to craft some straightforward rock is nothing but justified. The newest teaser for brand new LP, ‘No.2’, titled ‘She’s A Stomper’ packs in the band’s undeniable energy but concentrates it solely on giving heads a good rattling.

So with a history of thriving in the realm of complexity and otherworldly-ness, how does the multinational ensemble of prog demons fare without their fancy tricks? In short, incredibly well. ‘She’s a Stomper’ effectively shows the band as jacks of all trades and masters of all, the well-trodden blueprint of a hard rock track collides with Weezle’s trademark off-kilter vocal melodies and intriguing samples for a package that is replete with character.

Simon Fluery’s vocals are, as ever, animalistic as he attacks each verse and hook thrown his way, the rompin’ stompin’ melody of the song’s chorus, in particular, is a brutal affair with Fleury providing a tirade that is jarring and catchy in a way City Weezle could only achieve.

The track follows the warm embrace by fans of the forthcoming LP’s other two teasers, ‘Captain Introspective’ and ‘Underground In Europe’, for a satisfying hat trick of hype-builders. As mentioned it’s not the most complex of the City Weezle tracks but packs enough bells and whistles to maintain the band’s core sound whilst giving the overall album a bit more diversity.

There are few things in life that are ‘certain’. Death, taxes and City Weezle releasing great music – ‘She’s A Stomper’ is yet more proof.

She’s A Stomper is set to be unleashed on the 3rd of December 2021!

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