Aria ‘The Next Life’ – Review

Experimental, Music

Composer Aria is here with latest single ‘The Next Life’ released in celebration of Earth Day. 

The single, is an accurate account of the current times and loosely bases itself on the current situation around the world with regards to environmental issues. 

Right off the bat, the track sounds mesmerizingly powerful. It has a way of drawing you in until suddenly you find yourself lost in the music. At about forty seconds in, rapper R Reed’s voice hypnotizes the listeners and whisks them into an inspiring tale.  

Although the track contains an eerie insight into the current times, anybody listening will be struggling not to be whisked away on a hazy daydream.  The newly released song offers a reality check with its sobering undertones.  

At times, it sounds as if the music and lyrics are pitted against each other. On the one hand, the music offers a sense of relaxation whereas the lyrics reiterate the important issues that Aria is so passionate about bringing awareness to.

Check out ‘The Next Life’ by Aria below.