Introducing: the Powerhouse that is YNES

Alternative, Punk, Singer-Songwriter

If you haven’t heard of YNES by now… you’re welcome. The fiery songwriter takes on the style of 00s pop with a post-punk style and attitude. 

YNES’ greatest skill as an artist has always been in combining DIY artist energy with sharp and witty lyricism.

Her  single ‘Better Job’ featured her fearless critique and resentment towards zero-hours contract culture, backed by mammoth guitars and extremely high energy drums. 

A lyric that really stands out to me from this track has to be: ‘A better job one where I can wear a tie to work but I’m a woman so It’ll have to be a miniskirt’.  

This whole song showcases what a talented songwriter Ynes is as she takes on current issues in an intelligent yet witty way with her lyrics. 

On the last single God’s Little Punching Bag, YNES further embraces imperfections with help from her razor sharp tongue. 

For all the instrumentals’ liveliness, it is YNES’ vocal performance that steals the show. She is a force of charisma, ‘call me what I call myself, some desperate overgrown rebel, just don’t call me ever again,’ she intones. It is this willingness to treat contradictions with a smirk rather than a shrug that gives God’s Little Punching Bag its instantly replayable charm.

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Movment is Regenerating the Punk Era From Behind A Mask


Movment is rising back into the scene with their second album Transformation, they have released just a snippet of it with their EP We All Must Go. 

Remaining ambiguous the duo has trademarked their white masks, their act revolves around performativity and connecting the consciousness to the lyrics. The ambiguity is felt throughout We All Must Go as it speaks on the journey of life, how we all have the same fate but follow paths of where no one knows the end. The pair are not only creating rock music but regenerating punk, as well as having elements of grunge that create the grit felt in We All Must Go.

“We All Must Go is a song with a simple message – we are all eventually going to leave this life. But it not particularly negative, it is about embracing the light. It’s an inquest into the journey to the big black river that awaits us, where it’s going, nobody knows…”

The band wants to show their perception of the world, but also wants to invite their audience to do the same, to speak up for what they believe in. From the guitar riffs to the electronic synths along with the angered vocals they can be placed into the neo-dirt punk genre, conveying rebellion through their lyrics to question the agendas of the 21st-century. 

We All Must Go follows on from the two acclaimed singles Propaganda and Leave Me Alone, both of which have caught international attention from Brazil to South Africa and beyond. Both of the singles have beckoned the arrival of We All Must Go and the album Transformation. Movment is pushing the voice of millennials and anyone who questions 21st-century agendas to the forefront, making them extremely thought-provoking.

You can experience the album on all platforms on 2/12/21.

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Meet Your New Favourite Folk-Punk Artist: Jay Thackery

Folk, Punk, Rock n Roll

Feeling angsty yet sensitive? Need to look else where to get you punk-folk fix after you released that Frank Turner stopped releasing decent music and became kind of a knob? Well look no further because we’ve found just the guy to fill that particular hole in your life: Jay Thackery.

His debut EP is a gold-mine of story-led folk-punk ballads rooted in personal experience. Indeed, ‘The Rehab Diaries’ isn’t just attempt to make the artist sound edgy and tortured: the album was literally written and recorded during Thackery’s second stint in rehab for various  substance abuse issues. He refers to the EP as a ‘perfect snapshot of that period in his life’, which encapsulates the almost memoir-like quality that the record has: it is introspective, reflective and cathartic.


The sound, at its core, is folky. Jay Thackery has a one-man-band vibe going on, with his use of an acoustic guitar and bass-drum adding to the rough-and-ready production value that amplifies the emotive quality of his music. Manufactured pop-punk this is not. Coupled with elements from classic rock’n’roll, bluegrass and punk- all genres that traditionally have had a large grassroots scenes—his music is nothing if not authentic.

There is also a smattering of rap in songs such as ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘The Fall’, in which Thackery shows off some of his best lines, and is reminiscent of a younger Ed Sheeran, before he became the unofficial mascot of Heart Radio. We only hope that his upcoming releases contain more spoken word segments, as we feel that this shows Jay at his most inventive.


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Quitters May Be Their Own Worst Enemy But They’re Certainly Not Ours


French punk-rock band Quitters release new single ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ ahead of the release of their second EP Singing Like Nobody’s Listening in January 2019.

‘My Own Worst Enemy’ is an upbeat and positive offering. The message is one of empowerment and Quitters note that most of the difficulties that people experience arise from the way they deal with problems as opposed to the problems themselves. As the band explains, you can be disenchanted, frustrated, lost, hopeless but at the same time realize that there are so many positive things in this world. It’s all about choice, about making the decision to pursue these things as long as you can.

Quitters are a Punk Rock indie quartet formed in 2015 in Montpellier After a few dates in France, the band releases their first EP entitled Move On to Honest Things in May 2015 on four European labels (Krod Records, Bad Mood Asso, Inhumano and Dingleberry Records). Then follows several tours that will take them to Chile, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland…

In 2017, the debut album Good Night Memories released on eight independent European labels including Inhumano, Bad Mood Asso and Dingleberry Records. With the same desire to defend independent culture and Do It Yourself. This year also marks the arrival of Roma in the group and the resumption of tours in England, Europe and the USA.

In January 2019, the second EP Singing Like Nobody’s Listening will be released.

 These are the first songs composed with Romain on drums. They were made between Montpellier and Grenoble. Rom living 300 km from Antho, Jerem and Dookie, the exercise was to ping-pong the songs without ever repeating until a satisfactory result was achieved.

The ep was recorded in June 2018 with RomTom Cat and is called Singing Like Nobody’s Listening.

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This Place Feels Like Home: How I Fell in Love with Germany

Alternative, Metal, Punk, Rock

July 2016. I’m chilling at Jubilee Gardens during some downtime in London, as I have done a few times before. After all, Southbank is often a good place to kill time. I see these cool-looking dudes with guitars on their backs walk past. Our glances meet so I give them a nod, they give me a nod. I worry that they’re a band I really should recognise so don’t bother asking who they are. A while later I decide to head to the undercroft to check out the skaters, and I see these guys again. Ok, I think, it must be fate. So I catch one of them and ask them who they are cause they seem to be my kind of band, then he proceeds to give me a couple of stickers with their name on. Breathe Atlantis. An alternative rock band from Essen in Germany. We say goodbye and go our separate ways.

Two months later after some Facebook chats and semi-impulsive plans being made, I find myself at their album release show in Essen. I had a short work shift the morning of the show then travelled there afterwards as it was my weekend off. My flight was late, I have not even checked into my hotel yet and I have missed all of the support bands, but I am here. Despite having had some introduction to them online, I am still nervous as I only briefly interacted with the drummer back in July. During the show I gave a confused look to him whilst the singer was saying something to the crowd and he motioned for me to ‘jump’. So I jumped along. Sang along. Loved it. The show was very energetic with crowd surfers coming from the back of the room and mosh pits but it was so much more respectful of personal space than similarly energetic shows in England. It balanced enthusiasm with not actually hurting anyone else. Afterwards, one member poured me a drink. The merch guy invited me to the afterparty. Despite being overwhelmed with the language barrier and general social aspect of it, I felt welcomed. A walk around the city the next day and I get a feeling I hadn’t had since my first visit to Copenhagen 3 years prior. I feel at peace. However this time it is somehow different. It just feels ‘right’. I cannot explain it, but something about the ambience of the city makes me feel like this is where I am meant to be.

Over the next year I branch out, listening to other bands on their label (Redfield Records/Redfield Digital), through Facebook connections and on the compilations of a little clothing company called Oakheart, who had a stall at the release show. I start planning a longer trip and come August 2017 I have a whole week in the city planned, staying in an airbnb apartment, navigating public transit and living like a local, which only solidified my sense of belonging.

Breathe Atlantis have no show on, so they invite me to come hang out in their rehearsal space. Hearing the pure non-mixed sound through headphones gave me an even greater appreciation for their talents, particularly the vocalist. I go to four other shows that week. One is a punk show with a Mexican band & a Croatian band and the atmosphere is just as good as last time. I also catch The Creepshow, who I am ashamed to say I had not seen previously. I also took a trip to Bochum to see my favourite musical in its dedicated theatre – something I had wanted to do for several years.

On the last day of my holiday I go onto Düsseldorf and see two shows in one night. Firstly a small festival that appears to actually be someone’s back garden but hey that sorta thing isn’t unheard of (Leefest, anyone?) and there’s a pretty good band called Vanbargen playing. After a couple of bands I head out to the main event I was in the city for – When Stars Collide at ‘Rock Am Kraftwerk‘, another outdoor all-dayer. When Stars Collide, Breathe Atlantis’ label-mates, are a synth-metal band with a fantastic light show. One of them I had been talking to came out to meet me and gave me a wristband for free entry. He also allowed me to use his band food/drink stamp card to save me money. They put on a great show despite the technical difficulties. I received a dedication before their pma anti-suicide song ‘Blind’, my favourite of theirs. It was a perfect end to a perfect week.

Over the rest of the year I continue to expand on my collection of German music and wonder when my next trip will be. After all, I need to start slowing down on big trips and sort my finances/life out. I decide to go to one show in February 2018, called Riot Vision Fest. It’s a hardcore half dayer with a couple of Redfield Records bands (The Pariah & Elwood Stray) and some other acts including one from the U.K. called Polar so it was admittedly nice to hear some English accents. Whilst I didn’t quite have the rapport with them that I did with When Stars Collide & Breathe Atlantis, it was still a good night. Two other gigs pop up that I want to go to within the two months following that event. I can’t afford both, I don’t know if I can afford just one, but I figure it out & thanks to a couple of friends letting me crash with them manage to get to both.

March 2018 was a dream line-up. Two of my favourite Redfield-related bands, Team Stereo (who actually have a couple of Redfield staff as members) and City Kids Feel The Beat plus another pop-punk band called Waste of Mind who I was initially less familiar with but loved after seeing them. The latter play a song called ‘Home’ which gave me the title of this article, and hearing it in the area I love was great. Team Stereo were just as happy to see me as I was them, much like Breathe Atlantis were in previous visits. They wanted to take a photo with me. I had wanted to meet the frontman since my initial discovery of the scene back in 2016. During one song we moved closer to each other & shared a mic for my favourite line of one of my favourite songs by them. CKFTB put on a brilliant show & it was great to finally see them. Whilst the show wasn’t in Essen, the atmosphere of the show was still the same I was used to.

Most recently, I went to see a band I had discovered through a merch company promo pack that came with the order of another band’s album bundle. The Prosecution are an amazing semi-political skacore band who put on a brilliant show despite the frontman having to be seated due to a bad back. The support acts, Sidewalk Surfers and Rag A Muffin, also put on a good show and again the atmosphere is on point. A notable moment was during the song ‘Where We Belong’ by The Prosecution. A crowd/band chant of “say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here” that, as an outsider (though not refugee) who hopes to move there one day, rang especially true and gave a sense of camaraderie against the xenophobia creeping back up in the world.

I currently have no solid plans to return for a long time, beyond catching a farewell show in November (a band called A Traitor Like Judas) due to a small convention I needed money for plus that whole ‘sorting my life out’ thing I was supposed to be doing in the first place. My financial & medical ties in the U.K mean I am unlikely to be able to move there pre-Brexit and I am unsure if I ever will – perhaps I will find a good reason to stay here beyond needing to for my medical issues, gender transition & whilst paying off my overdraft. I know I have only seen a fraction of the country for very brief amounts of time but I found myself getting more emotional as I waited for my flight back to London every time. I get ‘homesick’ for it. I miss Breathe Atlantis so much it hurts, as OTT fanboy as that may seem. I hang an ‘I <3 Essen’ keyring from my backpack and a ‘Germany’ keyring from my workbag. I have a Redfield Records/Oakheart tattoo because that label and those compilations have been big players in my music tastes and experiences over the past two years nearly.

The best way to end this is with a quote from a song called ‘Fire Fighter’ by Grizzly. I think it sums up my feelings about Breathe Atlantis, Essen and all the bands I have seen in the past two years. “Because of you I know where I belong, I finally found the place that I want to call home”.

Luke Elliott

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A Combo Of All Your Favourite Fusions, Statue Thieves Feed The Sounds For Your Soul

Alternative, Experimental, Indie, Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock


The boys over at Statue Thieves have made it apparently clear that their blend of rock psychedelic fusion is no joke, and that they have every intention on standing out with their eclectic sound.

Comprised up of 4 musicians Craig Ingham, Ivan Muela, Gennaro Oliviero and Michal Domin, each with a key component to the weird yet strangely familiar style Statue Thieves preserve.

The reason i say familiar as they clearly draw inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s, with bright guitar effects reminiscent to the likes of Jimi Hendrix.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, be sure to check them out:








Wartoad Show No Sign Of Slowing Down With The Release Of Brand New Album ‘What Rough Beasts’

Alternative, Indie, Metal, Punk, Rock, Rock n Roll



After celebrating Christmas with a cover of the Slade classic ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’, Wartoad are breaking through into the new year with a revved up, anger fueled trip that will bring the punk out of you.

The new album ‘What Rough Beasts’ features tracks highlighting their collective anger and rage, especially with one person known as the current president of the USA, which is something that definitely takes guts.

However, with a band that is scattered around the globe, you would imagine this is a tricky thing to get over, especially when playing live, but this doesn’t prove to be a huge hurdle, as they communicate from their respective terfs, making the music making process quite intriguing.

As the the new album has officially been released, we strongly advise that you go check it out:







New Release Alert! Survival Code Just Put Out A Brand New Single Titled ‘Not Working’

Alternative, Metal, Punk, Rock, Singer-Songwriter




That’s Right, we’ve got the latest from the boys over at survival code, and its a killer tune!

The duo that make up Survival Code have been hard at work writing and recording a brand new song for fans old and new, with the melodic anthem ‘Not working’.

The track also comes in time for their upcoming shows, with 3 dates slated to kick off the year February 18th – The Islington, London, March 16th – Dublin Castle – Camden and May 5th – Aces & Eights, Tufnall Park, London, the pair definitely look like they have a busy year ahead of them.

Be sure to check them out:





Twitter: @thesurvivalcode



Homerik… more like HOMEROCK!

Experimental, grunge, Punk, Rock

It’s not every day a band writes about Ancient Egyption curses is it? Well prepare yourself for ‘Homerik’ and their debut self titled album.


The New York trio; Ken Candelas (The Mad Composer), Andrew Petriske (The Daemon), and Obed Gonzalez (The Gatherer) have spent the last three years bringing together their love of video game, film music and dark mythology with their love of bone shattering metal, to push the genre to a new dimension…. And though a strange mix, you know what? Homerik have pulled together one of the most ambitious and most creative albums you are likely to hear this year!

The lead track A Song of the Night Part 1 (A full 7 minutes 15 seconds of melodic metal creativity) tells you everything you need to know about the band. It leads you in to a false sense of security, which builds through 3 minutes of spooky yet etherial female vocals and orchestral music, curtesy of Carla Candelas & Nilsa Astacio. Just as you think you’ve settled into the song it blasts you into a tribal/ metal/ medieval mishmash.

My personal highlight of the album The Ire of Green brings together Irish style folk with fiddle and tin whistle mixed effortlessly with sharp, stabbing guitar chords, reminiscent of a heavier, darker Gogol Bordello.

Truly some of the most creative music you will ever hear, definitely worth your time. Think, System of a Down have gone back in time, stollen some ancient Egyptian scrolls and to the depths of hell – travelled around the world and now are writing songs about what they’ve seen.


A Song of the Night Part 1 is available on Spotify now
You can Stream and Download the rest of their self titled album when released on Halloween.

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