A Chat With: Easton Guillory

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Prog pop may not be the most obvious combination in the music-fusion canon but forward-thinker Easton Guillory is not putting on the brakes on his creative train. Ahead of his new EP, End of Walls, we got chatting to the man himself to find out more…

RR: What to you is the best rock album of all time and why?

Tricky one. I find myself going back and forth between a classic 70s-ish prog album like Gentle Giant’s Power and Glory, Bowies Hunky Dory or literally anything by King Crimson, and a more modern vibe like Alt-J’s first two albums or a selection of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. If I really must choose I think it would have to come down to a Radiohead album, choosing between them is like making me choose between my children (cats).

At the time of first listen I’d say the album that gripped me the most was Hail to the thief. A really great balance of tricky time signatures, everchanging modulation and general proggy vibes but delivered in a manner that is approachable by your average joe and not too scary on first glance. The range of instrumentation and general soundscape between tracks I also find interesting, almost an homage to how they have developed throughout the years since Pablo, giving hints of punk rock, electronic, heavy rock, orchestral etc. Always maintaining a very clear Radiohead sound and compositional approach.

RR: How did you first discover rock music?

I was pretty late to rock music to be honest, growing up the only music that was played in our house was traditional English or Gaelic folk music which was down to my mam, she’s a mega ‘folky.’ By the time I was a teenager and finally got my first electric guitar and started receiving lessons, my teacher introduced me to the world of classic rock like Gun’s N Roses, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin etc. Although it wasn’t until I came to Leeds to study music at University that I truly found my own musical opinion and fell in love with all things proggy and weird.

RR: How would you describe the current state of rock/alternative music?

I think every genre has its good and bad artists, and rock is no exception, however I do genuinely feel positive about the future for rock. The rise of bands such as Black Midi and Black Country New Road is extremely exciting for noise/prog rock and rock in general as I think they are really going in their own direction and bring a sense of originality, which gets harder and harder every day.

You have Richard Dawson with his last few albums, a strange mixture of folk-esque lyrics with very proggy composition and often quite purposely harsh performance giving it the very rawest of feels. The new band The Smile is also very exciting, again using typically very proggy compositional methods like crazy time signatures and sudden modulations, but with an overlying sense of punky jazz?!? I think underground scenes in cities across UK are getting more impactful so bands with your smaller ‘cult’ followings are getting more recognition in the wider community and it’s something I personally love to see.

RR: Who is your current favourite rock/alternative artist and why?

It’s gonna have to be Radiohead. They were the band that made me seriously fall in love with music and set the foundations for my musical opinion as a whole. As I mentioned earlier, the way they can disguise very proggy and general unconventional compositional techniques within user-friendly rock music is baffling. When you see your none musician friends nodding there head along to a song in 13/8 you know something has been done right. I’m almost always surprised when I actually start to analyse a Radiohead song because it always ends up being way more complicated than it sounds.

I read somewhere recently that Radiohead were defined as ‘stealth prog’ which I just absolutely loved because it explains this entirely. Radiohead are the kings of stealth prog, and that’s why they’re my favourite band.

RR: Do you see the genre evolving in any particular way at the moment? For good or for bad?

Yes like I mentioned earlier I have hope that the growth of underground scenes and smaller cult followings will bring forward these more unconventional bands/artists and more styles of music are being accepted into the mainstream media.

RR: Progressive pop is such an interesting and unique genre label, what made you want to produce music within this sphere?

At the risk of repeating myself, the whole idea of having unconventional, proggy ideas within a nice, easy sounding package is something that really appeals to me. Being my debut EP I want it to be accepted by a wider crowd but I’m also really not one for a 1, 5, 6, 4 progression if you feel me.

Personally I never listen to lyrics first in a song, I’m always drawn to the music and the lyrics come entirely second, which is parallel to how I write music 90% of the time. I wanted the music to be the main interest in my songs, however I still wanted to tell my story therefore the music needed to make way for that. This balance of trying to make the music interesting whilst not being too overwhelming for the lyrics to have actual meaning and impact, resulted in this Prog Pop blend.

RR: What was the general songwriting process on the EP? Were there any challenges to overcome?

It was a long and slow process the production of this EP. As usual, time and money was the main issue throughout the earlier stages and not to mention F*king covid and lockdowns. I worked in a restaurant as a waiter doing long hours for minimum wage while trying to find the time and money to work on this EP. It got to the point where I was pretty much ready to give up and pack it in due to how expensive it was turning out to be.

I then received the tricky news of my grandmas passing which I struggled with for a while and took some time off from music. We have a very big family with not a lot between us but when we sold our grandmas house we all got a share which finally gave me the financial boost I needed to record and produce the EP once and for all. She was always very supportive of my musical endeavours and turned out to be the sole reason I was able to take them further, even after death.

Easton’s new EP ‘End Of Walls’ drops 05/04/22!

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A Chat With: Shiny Glide

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Great rock music has always come from a special place from within. A place inaccessible to those unable to truly cope with thorough introspection but Shiny Glide, and his latest opus of psych-rock heaven, shows that those that reap the benefits of doing so can create something magical. We got chatting to the man himself to dive deeper…

RR: What to you is the best rock album of all time and why?

Supertramp – Crises What Crises. All the songs on the album are great and powerful and simply timeless, the atmosphere and the sounds are very dreamy with some classic and psychedelic vibes which makes the whole album unique in its genre.

RR: How did you first discover rock music?

Through my oldest brothers when I was a little child, they used to like and listen a lot to Pink Floyd, Eagles, Neil Young, Nick Drake, King Crimson and lot of other great progressive and psychedelic rock bands of the seventies.

RR: How would you describe the current state of rock/alternative music?

There are a lot of great new bands and artists, the new indie rock and alternative rock scene is very creative and strong. I only listen to new artists and there is so much talent and variety that you can enjoy, also because we are in a very digital age where making music and producing great albums is not so hard and expensive as it used to be back in the old analog days. Besides that in these times it is very easy and fun to collaborate with other artists and musicians through the internet and to promote your own music in social networks.

RR: Who is your current favourite rock/alternative artist and why?

Too many to mention, in this period since I am kind of an insomniac I need and love to listen to very dreamy, hypnotic and relaxing music, so at the moment my favourite artist is Homeshake, his music is unusual,very ethereal, suave and minimalistic.

RR: Do you see the genre evolving in any particular way at the moment? For good or for bad?

Alternative and indie rock and also bedroom pop, lo-fi and psychedelic rock are always evolving, I am a Zen type of person and artist, I live in the present and I only listen to new music and artists who are very independent and produce their own music in their home studios and bedrooms, like I do.

There is much more intimacy and inspiration,creative freedom and real talent in independent and in all types of alternative music, and only good things can come from that. The only bad thing is that Spotify, Youtube and even Facebook and all the other digital platforms and networks are not paying well enough and giving enough attention and consideration to impendent artists. That is a shame considering that most of independent artists make and produce much better music than most mainstream artists.

RR: Can you tell us where the original concept for nocturnal flight came from?

I love the night, it is a time for dreams and creativity, for the essence and the soul to come to life, and to me it is very important to be connected to my inner self and my inner child in order to cope and to function in a pretty sad and horrible society and world. Besides the night, I love birds and their philosophy and behaviors.

Birds can fly anywhere they want without needing money, visas, passports and licences. Birds don’t build bridges and frontiers, like arrogant presidents and countries, if you want to be free and light and enjoy peace and universal love, you must learn from birds and be like a bird. That is why in the past my stage name was Seagull. Now I call myself Shiny Glide and this name was inspired by the albatross majestic, perfect and enlightening gliding flight.

RR: Did you encounter any issues at all when writing/recording the album?

I had so much fun with it, I love making music, I spend most of my time doing that,the only problem is the frustration for not being able to travel and tour because of the pandemic rules that are still very exaggerated and too strict here in Italy. This is another reason why I don’t like this place, too much bureaucracy, racism and mafia, now covid gave these people more reasons to hate and discriminate one another and even capitalize and exploit this horrible virus. Hopefully we are at the beginning of the end of this nightmare.

RR: How would you say the new material compares to your previous albums?

In my new material, I also produce, record and mix my music in my bedroom studio, while in my previous albums I used to pay for studio time and record the vocals and the guitar parts of my songs. Also in my new material I am open to other music styles like electronic music, lofi and bedroom pop and I use a lot of great midi-controller sounds in my new music but I will go back to my guitar based dream rock songs soon.

I am working on so many different type of sounds and projects, and I am trying to produce and release a single every month and at least three albums every year. I love it and I love to be generous to those who love me and my music.

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News From The Rocky Road: Tunetables

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With the resurgence in popularity of physical media, you’d think more companies would be offering storage solutions for records, tapes and CDs. Sure, you can pop down to IKEA and get yourself a generic shelving unit, and these are fine, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more special? That’s where UK-based company Tunetables comes in. Their idea, quite simply, is genius. What they’ve done is taken the design of musical-instrument flight-cases (you know the sort – you’ve seen them on countless record covers and in countless photo-shoots) and build these into bespoke storage/tables for your precious music collection.

There’s a good story behind this. Rob Chappelhow, the man behind the company, is clearly a music-fan himself. He got the idea for Tunetables after visiting the Joe Strummer exhibition in Covent Garden. In Rob’s words: “Set out under an acrylic plinth was Strummer’s personal tape cassette collection…his musical heritage and inspiration perfectly showcased. It was totally spellbinding. I soon started to conceptualise how I could create my own version of this…a personal time capsule of life-affirming music. I wanted something that could be inherently useful, something that I would see and use every day, and that would be a talking point for like-minded music enthusiasts.”

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Supreme Unbeing: An act of our collective consciousness.

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Supreme Unbeing is a progressive rock and power metal band from Sweden, they emit mystery and ambiguity, led by vocalist Zac Red, along with his fellow band members D. Vine (Lead Guitar), D.Sciple (Rhythm Guitar), Unknown (Bass), and Al Mytee (Drums). 

Taking an MF DOOM / Gorillaz-esque approach by using animated characters to enforce their already mysterious appearance, the band has recently transformed this into flesh and blood identities. Their debut album Enter Reality impacted the music industry in October 2020 which gained 3rd place in “Album of the Year” according to the readers of Swedish Rock Magazine. Since then, their debut quickly made astounding accomplishments such as entering Spotify Playlists, placing themselves on New Metal Track’s and Thrasher’s, as well as gaining an astonishing +5.5 million video and digital streams in less than 12 months since the LP’s release. 

This month, October 22, 2021, release the first prophetic and ominous-sounding single Face of Evil, from their upcoming second album Enduring Physicality, which is to be released on 22 February 2022. Lead vocalist Zac Red acts as a “physical form of our consciousness”, according to the band, what is to be expected is an album that emits a message that is close to our own personal thoughts, something everyone can connect with. 

Zac Red states about the new E.P: “This song is about self-proclaimed kings, tyrants, societal leaders… and your friends. Whether you have your own life agenda or not, they’ll manipulate and rob you of your free will to get what they want with their – as the song goes – ever-changing ‘Face Of Evil’. Humans are dual in nature, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all have a good side and an evil side, which side, and face, you decide to show at any given moment is yours to balance carefully on this grand stage. How do you want to be remembered?” 

Due to the band’s ambiguity, not much is known about them, but their animated videos Animals and You’ll Never Make It, both of which premiered in REVOLVER Magazine, are classed as a great success by their many fans. The new music video for Face of Evil stars Swedish actor Dragomir Mrsic, who is known for acting in “Snabba Cash” and “Edge of Tomorrow” where he co-stars along with Tom Cruise. 

The band members jointly agree that they are “On a quest to enlighten the people of the Earth through heavy riffs, astounding solos, and intriguing lyrics” which is something they continue to do through Face of Evil

The track is mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann, vocalist/guitarist of German founded metal band Orden Ogan, the track is available now for streaming and download on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer

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Mini Moog maestro is such an Anti Climax, but in such a good way


As I look across the wasteland of nothingness that used to be my high street , out of my window that used to represent a swathe of differing humanity , where I could spy in a nice way not in an odd way like the guy who that weird Hollywood actor with the goatie beard thing played in that spookie film Rear Window …or am I getting confused with James Stewart from a different Hollywood era, anyway you know what I’m saying !!! I’m saying what the hell is happening in the world and who is going to save us, then as if by magic I get a email from my guys at Quite Great PR and they say, ’CHEER UP BEAU AND HIS MINI MOOG HAVE COME TO SAVE THE DAY!’ Well that being the case I am feeling uplifted and I decide to check this Aussie out as Beau Bowen is now firmly based in London, his lair festooned with flares, sequinned capes, feathered caps and boots requiring a step ladder to get into but most importantly, the base from which his extraordinary music is born. His gift for lyrics and melody is matched by a prodigious talent for guitar-playing, his virtuoso Fender Strat outbursts aided by a passion for vintage gear, minimoogs as we mentioned earlier and an array of flashy pedals. With heavy doses of psychedelia mixed into his sound, it’s rare that a fully-fledged rock star emerges from the firmament but with Beau Bowen, it’s difficult to imagine a more complete article.

Now that is not all infact far from it but before we tell you any more , not that you deserve us to tell you any more about this glam god and his anti climax , we need you to listen to the music ok!






Soundcloud for A Rock ‘N’ Roll Story



Actually that is enough we have thoroughly spoiled you or is it spolit you? and we are not going to tell you any more, you have to find out for youselfs or is it selves , yes it’s yourselves as we are not creating a script for Eastenders are we, although if we were we would find a part for Beau where he was caught washing his lycra day glo bright yellow spandex trousers in Dot Cotton’s laundromat and she throws him and only to find big Phil ….are we digressing, yes we are. Anyway he’s a star and that’s all there is to it . Goodbye….

NaveBlues: Bringing Blues Back

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NaveBlues, Norwegian singer has debuted his new album, ‘NaveBlues’.


‘Ghost Collector’ his new video, features him playing the harmonica, conjuring up sounds that will cause your spine to twist and your brain to pop!

Nave wants to bring back the Blues into this generation.

If you’re feeling blue, why not listen watch his new video:

Make sure you check out Naves social media:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4PjTCsYQH7Nu1dsSczZ5HK

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6KVhYc1E4ccnMPtpvzpCQw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheNaveBlues/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/naveblues

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/thenaveblues/

Website: http://thenaveblues.com/

Roger Rudenstein’s Ulysses Plans To Grace UK Audiences

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American Composer Roger Rudenstein is planning to take his operatic version of James Joyce’ Ulysses, and he isn’t holding back on the X-rated factor.

Roger Rudenstein, a well- respected American writer and composer of operatic and grand musical pieces has spend much of his time creating and working on his version of  James Joyce classic novel, gaining help from U.S. based musicians and artists, however, he is hoping to form the same grand show for UK audiences. 

Rogers history is a varied culmination, with much of his work focusing on political satire, and the attack on republican politics in the U.S.

Past pieces being constructed mocking president George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Roger has also had mention in the New York Times, gaining rave reviews. Adding to this Roger has had over 100,000 plays on his Soundcloud account.

SoundCloud:  https://soundcloud.com/rudenste/tracks
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/rudenste
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Roger-Rudenstein-754779384708156
Website: https://www.rogerrudensteinmusic.com/

Feline And Strange Set To Release New Album ‘OUT’


Steam-punkers, ‘Feline and strange’ are set to release their upcoming album ‘OUT’.

This latest instalment from this weird and wonderful duo has a powerful and rich story behind its creation.

While the backstory of Feline and Strange is unique and thought provoking, with the pair being Extra Terrestrials from outer space, left on earth with music as the only way to survive and make a living, they found themselves being mirrored in current world events. “I was reading all the good news from home, and still couldn`t help harbouring dark feelings that this was too good to be true. And even before I came home, I was proven right when the first refugee homes burned, assaulted by fascists” explains Feline Lang, the leading voice in this operatic opus. She speaks about how Germany welcomed Syrian refugees, who’s houses were unsafe or lost due to the act of war.

While writing this album, she saw a call to aid and help people who were either far from home, or who had even lost their homes.

With an eclectic mix of Electro Wave Cabaret and other beautiful tricks, Feline and Strange are sure to be a band you just cant miss.


YouTube: www.youtube.com/canteatro
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/felinelang
Facebook: www.facebook.com/felineandstrange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/felinelang
Feline and Strange Website: www.felineandstrange.com




Hailing from Sicily, self-styled dandy/gypsy hybrid Johann has developed a persona that brings to mind troubadours such as Sufjan Stevens, whilst also evoking thoughts of the pixie-ish faux naivety of early David Bowie and Syd Barrett. Mixed in with the freak Wurlitzer sound of harpsichords, Latin rhythms and, yes, flugelhorns, is the ever-present Johann, delivering his polemics in a style somewhere between and beyond Shakespeare and Adam Ant.

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/johann-sebastian-punk/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/56zl6Mvbe1S3nPWI8MGFin


‘Land of Hope’ by Beldon Haigh


Check out the new video for protest song writer, Beldon Haigh’s track, ‘Land of Hope’.

His latest single uses classic pop/rock intrumentation, as well as a spine tingling string section from Smith Street Strings and the piano work of Ted Sweeney, to fittingly address the world’s current refugee crisis.

There’s a poignant message behind the beautifully crafted track, which makes this a must listen for any discerning listener, or activist.


Find out more on Beldon Haigh here: