Noble1BOF ‘Benefits Of Freedom’ -Review

Hip Hop

A rapidly rising talent within the UK rap scene – Noble1BOF has recently revealed his latest mixtape Benefits Of Freedom, due for release on the 22/04. 

This hard-hitting and captivating mixtape is a cathartic and personal experience for Noble as he recalls his life experiences, from writing bars behind bars to becoming a role model for young people who are at risk of offending. 

What’s so special about this mixtape is the pure ambition and drive that comes through, you can tell the thought that Noble puts into each and every bar that he writes and he delivers them with such passion, that it’s inspiring to the listeners. 

A stand out track from this mixtape for me has to be ‘sometimeish’ the blend of rap, afrobeats, and drill are a combination that Noble has excelled at perfecting in this up-beat and rhythmic track. 

The lead single ‘No Games’ takes on a slightly different fuse of genres in the form of Grime and R&B but still Noble has perfected the art of seamlessly meshing these two worlds. ‘No Games’ has a strong arrangement and flows effortlessly from verse to chorus, which has a catchy hook provided by Carla. 

Be sure to check out  Benefits Of Freedom, out on the 22/04