Zflipa ‘Another Bunch’ – Review

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Following his previous success with the single ‘Flavours’. A drill reimagining of Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body, up and coming rap star Zflipa is back with his enticing new offering ‘Another Bunch’.

The track sees Zflipa take on the power and command of a young London Pablo Escobar as he plays a drug dealer over a day of their life. With a London-setting and iconography of new-wave UK rap.

The song’s catchy instrumentation paired with Zfipa’s hard hitting bars make for a captivating listening experience. The innovative and smart way that Zflipa crafts his bars and puts his full energy into the delivery is a credit to his talent. 

The track is filled with clean and crisp production in the format of mystical and light bell melody on a deep bassline that pumps energy into the track like a heartbeat.

I for one am very excited to see where Zflipa goes next!

Be sure to check out the song below:

Davie Furey ‘History’ – Review

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Singer, songwriter Davie Furey is here with his new Celtic themed anthem ‘History’. His latest single serves as a powerful and poignant boost and stirs a sense of courage and morale in anyone listening to it.

Boasting sharp and acute lyricism and inventive instrumentals, he’s not letting anything slow him down and this latest single serves as a battlecry for this message. 

Paying homage to the classics, The Killers, Thin Lizzy, and Horseslips, Davie Furey has managed to put his own spin on ‘History while creatively channelling his inspirations. 

The track pushes a narrative concerned with confidence and positivity, an iconic anthem that would fit perfectly into a large crowd setting. Furey’s smooth, husky vocals fit perfectly within the arrangement with the opening procession and the striking guitars placed front and centre. With this Furey given ample room to play.

It’s clear Davie Furey will continue to push the boundaries and stick to the beat of his own drum. As he continues to genre-bend and blend classic influences into something great.  

‘History’ is available on all streaming platforms now!

Aria ‘The Next Life’ – Review

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Composer Aria is here with latest single ‘The Next Life’ released in celebration of Earth Day. 

The single, is an accurate account of the current times and loosely bases itself on the current situation around the world with regards to environmental issues. 

Right off the bat, the track sounds mesmerizingly powerful. It has a way of drawing you in until suddenly you find yourself lost in the music. At about forty seconds in, rapper R Reed’s voice hypnotizes the listeners and whisks them into an inspiring tale.  

Although the track contains an eerie insight into the current times, anybody listening will be struggling not to be whisked away on a hazy daydream.  The newly released song offers a reality check with its sobering undertones.  

At times, it sounds as if the music and lyrics are pitted against each other. On the one hand, the music offers a sense of relaxation whereas the lyrics reiterate the important issues that Aria is so passionate about bringing awareness to.

Check out ‘The Next Life’ by Aria below.

John O’Brien releases his latest single ‘The Spiders Love Web’

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John O’Brien (J.O.B.E) has recently released his latest single ‘The Spider’s Love Web’ and if you haven’t already checked it out, go and do it now! It definitely makes for a compelling listening experience. 

This folk-y style song with classic rock elements is a testament to O’Briens storytelling abilities and the streaming figures speak for themselves! Having already achieved 2.5 million Spotify streams and over 500,000 YouTube views, there hasn’t been a better time for the single, which has already surpassed 71,000 Spotify streams.

Explaining the plot of his hit single John states: 

“On a hot steamy night at the dance club, he is searching for a warm nocturnal with an attractive, compliant woman. He finds her, or so he thought. She dances, her sexy well-built body pulsing to the thundering music and to the club’s gleaming flashing lights”

John O’Briens music clearly resonates with audiences on a global scale. With such large streaming figues and having previously performed in the US, Madrid, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sidney, and the Caribbean, John O’Brien is a worldwide success story. 

The next stop for O’Brien is the UK so be sure to check out one of his shows near you and stream ‘The Spider’s Love Web’ out now! 


19th – Old Fire Station, Bournemouth

21st – The Bullingdon, Oxford

23rd – The Leeds Warehouse, Leeds

26th – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

28th – SUB89, Reading

31st – Camden Assembly, London

New indie star Red Shakes new single ‘Sad Teenager Song (Okay)’ out tomorrow!

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New artist in the indie scene is Red Shakes and he is the embodiment of everything that makes indie music so brilliant. His latest single ‘Sad Teenager Song (Okay)’ has all the features on a great indie track, so make sure you give it a listen.

Being inspired by indie legends such as The Kooks, Vampire Weekend and Razorlight. It’s clear that this artist is well on his way to joining his heroes in being a staple of the indie scene. With lyrics that unashamedly captures the bittersweet melancholy of British youth Red Shakes is definitely a talent to watch. 

Red Shakes has already gained quite the reputation as a performer, harnessing that guitar driven alternative sound that carried music in the 00’s.

Be sure to check out ‘Sad Teenager Song (Okay)’ tomorrow!

Noble1BOF ‘Benefits Of Freedom’ -Review

Hip Hop

A rapidly rising talent within the UK rap scene – Noble1BOF has recently revealed his latest mixtape Benefits Of Freedom, due for release on the 22/04. 

This hard-hitting and captivating mixtape is a cathartic and personal experience for Noble as he recalls his life experiences, from writing bars behind bars to becoming a role model for young people who are at risk of offending. 

What’s so special about this mixtape is the pure ambition and drive that comes through, you can tell the thought that Noble puts into each and every bar that he writes and he delivers them with such passion, that it’s inspiring to the listeners. 

A stand out track from this mixtape for me has to be ‘sometimeish’ the blend of rap, afrobeats, and drill are a combination that Noble has excelled at perfecting in this up-beat and rhythmic track. 

The lead single ‘No Games’ takes on a slightly different fuse of genres in the form of Grime and R&B but still Noble has perfected the art of seamlessly meshing these two worlds. ‘No Games’ has a strong arrangement and flows effortlessly from verse to chorus, which has a catchy hook provided by Carla. 

Be sure to check out  Benefits Of Freedom, out on the 22/04

A Chat With: Caged Arts


The story of Caged Arts is an inspiring one. A mixed ability rock band fronted by Gary, an autistic man who overcame homelessness and alcohol abuse through the strength of his own character and the support of music therapy charity T.I.M.E – the organisation that took him off the streets and onto the stage. With such a fascinating history, we had the pleasure of chatting to the man himself to find out more…

RR: What to you is the best rock album of all time and why? 

Pink Floyd dark side of the moon. Because it has so much going on with the music. It has so many different sounds, textures and instruments and lyrically it describes life in such an interesting meaningful way, I really connect with the words and the feel of the music. 

RR: How did you first discover rock music? 

Growing up my parents always loved rocked music, ACDC, Budgie. From a baby there was always rock music in the house. My parents had a Vinyl player with tonnes of LP’s that I loved playing with. That really sowed a seed for my love of rock music 

RR: How would you describe the current state of rock/alternative music? 

I think there’s great local scene for rock and alternative music, especially in Essex, Southend and Basildon. But id love to see more bands like them hitting the mainstream. And although rock music isn’t as popular as it once was I think there’s a real underground scene for it still. 

RR: Who is your current favourite rock/alternative artist and why? 

My favourite at the moment is called Dirty Honey, I discovered them in lockdown and absolutely love them. I like it because It sounds like rock music from the 80’s and 90’s which I really love. The vocals really stand out to me, such a strong voice, and there’s a great theme to each song. 

RR: Do you see the genre evolving in any particular way at the moment? For good or for bad? 

I think there’s a lot more music being made now because its so easy for people to record and release their own music without needing for a record label so I think it’s great that there’s lots of different genres blending and new sounds being made. I love being able to easily discover new bands all the time on Facebook and YouTube.

RR: How would you describe the music of Caged Arts? 

I find it difficult to put a label on us as every song to me is different. Crystal castle is more of a slow emotional song whereas the artist still has that emotion but is much faster and upbeat. So, I suppose there’s always a lot of emotion within the music, especially with the lyrics, I spend hours writing down ideas to the type of thing I’m trying to say. Aside from that we love big guitars, big drums and an overall hard-hitting sound. 

RR: What is the meaning behind the name Caged Arts to you and the band? 

Caged comes from behind trapped with yourself and arts is the creative side. Sometimes in life it has felt as if the art inside me has been caged because of my disability. Caged arts is about showing the artist inside of me despite of the cage. 

RR: Can you tell us a little bit about your experiences with T.I.M.E? 

Since coming to TIME’s drop in I showed off some of my lyrics and ideas and from there it went from strength to strength, we quickly started to write songs develop the music and before I knew it, we were playing shows and I was singing as the frontman of the band. Mike, Rob and Marc have been such great friends to me and have really made me come out of my shell. I’m not sure where I would be without TIME. I certainly wouldn’t be making music like I am now. 

The T.I.M.E Team! (Mike, Rob & Mark)

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A Chat With: Bent Self

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Evolution in music is inevitable, there’s nothing that can stop it and nothing strong enough to even resist it. Hip-hop, and the myriad branches that grow from its core values, are no exception and alt-hip-hop solo project ‘Bent Self’ shows that this is nothing to turn your nose up at. His latest LP ‘Waves’ is a melancholic triumph in brooding atmospheres and intelligently designed soundscapes so it was only fitting that we got to pick his brain and dive deeper…

RR: What to you is the best rock album of all time and why?

That’s a really hard one….but I would go with Tool “Undertow” because it has that raw dark vibe with great hooks, originality and vocal dynamics. It’s under that timeless category so it will still sound fresh 20 years from now.   

RR: How did you first discover rock music?

I was around 7 years old when I heard Guns N Roses ‘Welcome To The Jungle” on the radio with my dad and it just grabbed me instantly. I asked him take me to the Chevron to buy me the cassette tape and I played it on repeat on my walkman. They had this grime, chunk and killer vocals that no band had at the time so I really connected with it.   

RR: How would you describe the current state of rock/alternative music?

I would say rock/alternative music is not dead and is alive and kicking. I believe many people just look at the mainstream rock artists that you hear on terrestrial radio saying rock is dead but they miss all the other less known artists that have great music and touring.

RR: Who is your current favourite rock/alternative artist and why?

I really dig Puscifer because they stand out and mix some of my favorite genres electronic-rock, trip-hop and post-industrial to create a vibe. Each song has an experimental aspect to it and I always enjoy the mixed in female vocals.

RR: Do you see the genre evolving in any particular way at the moment? For good or for bad?

It seems like alternative/rock is mixed with many genres these days and is always evolving which is what I love about it. Many artists are mixing it with electronic, pop and hip hop currently so I think that it will evolve in those areas for the better.

RR: How did you come to fuse elements of modern hip-hop and rock/metal?

Well growing up in the 90’s I really connected with rock/metal, hip hop industrial music and really liked the fusion. So in 2001 I started by band Arvins Garden which has that alt/metal, nu-metal sound and then nine years later I started my solo project Bent Self. Bent Self is more of the experimental side which still incorporates hip-hop, rock/metal but with less heavy guitars more electronic, industrial and trip hop based elements. There are endless creative paths being a crossover artist blending genres together and that’s how I ended up with my experimental sound.  

RR: Do you think it’s a blend that has seen the right amount of love from critics/public so far?

Yeah I believe so, we are in the days of being able to create outside the box with music and visuals.

RR: Did you have a particular ‘listener’ in mind when writing Waves?

I don’t really write that way unless the album or song needs a specific vibe intended for a movie, video game, etc. I sit down focused on writing experimental music that makes myself happy first and conveys the emotions I’m feeling at that moment. As far as the overall vibes I wanted to encompass for the listener in mind would be dark, lyrical, sexy and dynamic.

Waves is out now and available everywhere! Connect with Bent Self below:


A Chat With: Izakman


Rock music has exhausted almost every avenue of songwriting it has available to it but the trip-hazards and mind-bends of Lewis Carroll and Brothers Grimm’s classics is one fruit that has rarely been picked. Rock risers, Izakman, have seized the opportunity with flare on their upcoming record ‘Cyber Love’ and we got a chance to shoot some questions over to songwriter and frontman Itamar Isaak to dig a little deeper…

RR: What to you is the best rock album of all time and why?

I have several favorites, but I’ll go for the rock opera Tommy by The Who.

The album’s subject matter is heartrending and timeless, following a deaf, dumb and blind boy and his experiences with life and his relationship with his family. It has a fantastic narrative flow from start to finish. Musically and energetically, It stands the test of time. Epic! You come out of it in a different state than how you started.

RR: How did you first discover rock music?

I was first exposed to classic rock music when I watched The Yellow submarine for the first time as a child. Still, I only became aware of rock music at school when many of my friends were into 90’s grunge and metal bands. Everybody wanted to pick up a guitar, put on distortion, and shred in my teenage years.

If you wanted to be “cool” and impress your friends, you would have a skateboard or play soccer and play loud electric guitar.

RR: How would you describe the current state of rock/alternative music?

I think it’s all fragmented now because of the internet. I don’t know who the new most prominent bands are anymore because they’re so many now. I mainly get to hear about new psychedelic and indie rock bands. I guess it’s due to the internet’s data from my searches.

My latest discoveries are “UNI”, which a friend introduced me to, The Swedish band Dungen and Amy & The Sniffers, which I found randomly on the internet or perhaps I got targeted on YouTube. All are brilliant, and I hope to see them live one day.

RR: Who is your current favourite rock/alternative artist and why?

It’s hard to pick just one; recently, I’ve been more interested in discovering obscure rarities and traditional music from around the world. Nevertheless, I admire Pond for Nick Allbrooks confrontational charisma and cheeky showmanship.

Their latest album, “9”, is my favorite release I have encountered so far from last year, for its fun unapologetic energy and great emotional yet sophisticated songs from start to finish.

RR: Do you see the genre evolving in any particular way at the moment? For good or for bad?

Following psych-bands I like, such as “Tame Impala, Pond, UMO Temples”, and the Israeli “Iogi”, I think the majority are leaning towards the lusher and synthesized sound.

Production-wise, you get to hear a lot of amazing and exciting sounding stuff. But, still, artistically, I feel the approach has become somewhat escapist. You always have the exceptions like the Israeli Electric Zoo, which are more raw and rebellious in their approach. And Izakman off-course.

RR: Can you tell us about how the idea for the ‘Cyber Love’ music video came about and its significance?

Cyber Love was spawned from a feeling of alienation and deals with reaching out across cyberspace, social media platforms and dating apps and the struggle to make a true and meaningful connection.

The idea for the clip was inspired by Pina’s Bausch performance “The Man I Love”. The song expresses an individual’s frustration from poor communication. The theme of poor communication is reflected in the music video, which includes elements of Sign language, Morse and Braille, which are all used to overcome an obstacle in communication. The song may suggest that technology can be an obstacle to intimacy rather than a means to achieve it.

RR: How would you say this new album compares to 2015’s Rabbit Holes?

“Rabbit Holes” was made entirely D.I.Y. I had no method and no experience in music production before.Some of the songs I performed and mixed entirely on my own with no one else involved but for me. The song “Sleeping the Day Away” appears in different versions on both albums.

I tried to capture the sound of a late 60’s obscure psychedelic record. The new album was produced in a more “old school” way – in a proper recording studio, with a live band and Roy Nizzani as the producer. Roy’s approach was modern up to date. At the same time, mine was a more classic 70’s rock, resulting in a fascinating sounding record.

RR: Are there any sort of visual elements planned for the other tracks on the album as there was for Cyber Love?

Yes, “Down the Rabbit Hole” is also accompanied by an animated music video produced by Saloniki animation studio – Addart. I developed both “Cyber Love” and “Down The Rabbit Hole” music videos with my neighbour photographer Shay Ben Efraim who also filmed them and has worked with me throughout Izakman’s activities.

The new video is inspired directly by Lewis Carroll’s work across mathematics and literature; the video follows a young mathematician lost in a mathematical wonderland pursuing the solution to a complex equation – a solution that manifests as Alice. The video showcases a new mathematical branch, Soft Logics, that challenges the binary nature of true/false limitations.

Cyber Love is available everywhere on 27/01/22

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Supreme Unbeing: An act of our collective consciousness.

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Supreme Unbeing is a progressive rock and power metal band from Sweden, they emit mystery and ambiguity, led by vocalist Zac Red, along with his fellow band members D. Vine (Lead Guitar), D.Sciple (Rhythm Guitar), Unknown (Bass), and Al Mytee (Drums). 

Taking an MF DOOM / Gorillaz-esque approach by using animated characters to enforce their already mysterious appearance, the band has recently transformed this into flesh and blood identities. Their debut album Enter Reality impacted the music industry in October 2020 which gained 3rd place in “Album of the Year” according to the readers of Swedish Rock Magazine. Since then, their debut quickly made astounding accomplishments such as entering Spotify Playlists, placing themselves on New Metal Track’s and Thrasher’s, as well as gaining an astonishing +5.5 million video and digital streams in less than 12 months since the LP’s release. 

This month, October 22, 2021, release the first prophetic and ominous-sounding single Face of Evil, from their upcoming second album Enduring Physicality, which is to be released on 22 February 2022. Lead vocalist Zac Red acts as a “physical form of our consciousness”, according to the band, what is to be expected is an album that emits a message that is close to our own personal thoughts, something everyone can connect with. 

Zac Red states about the new E.P: “This song is about self-proclaimed kings, tyrants, societal leaders… and your friends. Whether you have your own life agenda or not, they’ll manipulate and rob you of your free will to get what they want with their – as the song goes – ever-changing ‘Face Of Evil’. Humans are dual in nature, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we all have a good side and an evil side, which side, and face, you decide to show at any given moment is yours to balance carefully on this grand stage. How do you want to be remembered?” 

Due to the band’s ambiguity, not much is known about them, but their animated videos Animals and You’ll Never Make It, both of which premiered in REVOLVER Magazine, are classed as a great success by their many fans. The new music video for Face of Evil stars Swedish actor Dragomir Mrsic, who is known for acting in “Snabba Cash” and “Edge of Tomorrow” where he co-stars along with Tom Cruise. 

The band members jointly agree that they are “On a quest to enlighten the people of the Earth through heavy riffs, astounding solos, and intriguing lyrics” which is something they continue to do through Face of Evil

The track is mixed and mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann, vocalist/guitarist of German founded metal band Orden Ogan, the track is available now for streaming and download on all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer

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