Introducing: the Powerhouse that is YNES

Alternative, Punk, Singer-Songwriter

If you haven’t heard of YNES by now… you’re welcome. The fiery songwriter takes on the style of 00s pop with a post-punk style and attitude. 

YNES’ greatest skill as an artist has always been in combining DIY artist energy with sharp and witty lyricism.

Her  single ‘Better Job’ featured her fearless critique and resentment towards zero-hours contract culture, backed by mammoth guitars and extremely high energy drums. 

A lyric that really stands out to me from this track has to be: ‘A better job one where I can wear a tie to work but I’m a woman so It’ll have to be a miniskirt’.  

This whole song showcases what a talented songwriter Ynes is as she takes on current issues in an intelligent yet witty way with her lyrics. 

On the last single God’s Little Punching Bag, YNES further embraces imperfections with help from her razor sharp tongue. 

For all the instrumentals’ liveliness, it is YNES’ vocal performance that steals the show. She is a force of charisma, ‘call me what I call myself, some desperate overgrown rebel, just don’t call me ever again,’ she intones. It is this willingness to treat contradictions with a smirk rather than a shrug that gives God’s Little Punching Bag its instantly replayable charm.

Be sure to check out YNES and thank me later